Transformational Coaching

Be authentically you

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Transformational Coaching is focused on changing the purpose and direction of an individual. It helps a client to make changes that can alter the direction, meaning and purpose of their life.

Transformational Coaching requires the client to practice being accountable for what occurs in their lives. The coach will determine the interpretations the client has about their life and the outcome they are wanting, to help them design and implement goals, develop strategies, achieve a more balanced, better quality of life, and reach their highest potential. Coaching provides a way for people to define their values, identify their strengths, and jumpstart their creativity.

Transformational Coaching is also an excellent way to get focused, begin to get traction, and increase your momentum toward a goal you have already been pursuing.

This service is different to traditional life coaching. Rather than changing the way you act, and ‘faking it ’til you make it’ – we change the way you see yourself.

We will identify your priorities, joys, and aspirations. We will shift your paradigm into one of receiving, finding true alignment and harmony between what you desire and what you manifest. You will become joyfully aware of, and brilliantly connected to the magnificent, creative power that dwells within you.


  • Clarifies your long term and short term goals
  • Increasing interpersonal effectiveness
  • Improving relationships
  • Gaining fresh perspectives on personal challenges
  • Enhancing decision making
  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Improving your health and change your habits
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Living in balance
  • Overcome fears and phobias or trauma
  • Overcome anxiety or depression
  • Releasing un-useful emotions


A Transformational Coach is a professional who will work with you and help you to accomplish you goals, overcoming challenges that stand in your way. They are highly trained practitioners with a variety of tools and techniques to help their clients achieve their goals in life.

Therapy focuses on the past or something that’s wrong in the present. For example, emotional problems such as depression or anxiety, relationship problems, or the ongoing effects of previous traumatic experiences. In life coaching, while there may be certain things that are blocking a person’s forward progress, the starting place is not with a ‘presenting problem,’ but with a goal or vision for the future, or a desire to improve one’s life. It is focused on being proactive, setting goals and taking action.

This is dependent on the individual and their situation. It is recommended that you work for your coach for at least three months to see the biggest transformation.


  • Individual Sessions with Ebony$240
  • Transformational Coaching: 90 mins - First Session$300
  • Transformational Coaching: 60 mins (Follow-ups only)$240
  • Transformational Coaching: 45 min (Follow-ups only)$210
  • Transformational Coaching: 30 min (Follow-ups only)$175
  • Medical Intuitive: 60 min - First Appointment$240
  • Medical Intuitive: 45 min (Follow-ups only)$210
  • Medical Intuitive: 30 min (Follow-ups only)$175
  • Lisa's Mindset Coaching$230
  • Lisa's One on One Sessions: 1.5 hours$350
  • Reiki$206
  • Reiki: 30 minutes$120