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We are all ultimately choosing to lift into our potential, but many are lost and don’t know why or how to find their way to success. At The Pillar Practice, we believe everyone can be in command of their life, mind and body.

The Pillar Practice is an integrative health and wellness practice, working on the life, mind and body to de-code the mysteries of ones blocks in life, which can present in depression, anxiety, disease, disorder, negativity and so much more.

To achieve a state of holistic health and happiness, healing on a singular level is not sufficient, but requires the culmination of the clearing of all levels of mind, body and soul.

At The Pillar Practice we take our clients through “A Journey of Healing” that adopts healing on all levels, via our signature modality The Pillar Code™.

In addition to our Life, Leaders and Business Guidance we also offer Nutritional support from our Nutritionist.

The Pillar Code

An 11 Step Program that connects the recipient to the purity of universal healing energy, allowing for the clearing (release), repair and transformation of your life, mind and body.

Each element of the technique gives you messages, treatments and Universally gifted tools to take you on “A Journey of Healing” from “Reliance to Resilience”™ bringing you back in command of your choosing whilst watching your souls manifestations materialise.

The Pillar Code for Leaders

Based off the Life Program, focuses on the Leaders career, business or leadership challenges. Lifting into their most effective and successful form of themselves.

The Pillar Code For Business

A Program designed to assist businesses organise and lift into their greatest potential, by looking at why the business may have had recurring challenges or blocks; what is currently holding the business back and the direction and actions that is required to move forward. The most relevant strategy and how to get there. The Pillar Code for Business is an intensive Program that allows businesses to connect, organise and lift into Peace, Purpose and Prosperity.

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