Premium Float Plus

Book a Float and add Infrared Sauna, Compex, Salt Room or Normatec for an additional $14!

Float Tank

The total cost of a 60-minute float and your choice of standard add-on is just $99!
Premium add-ons slightly higher

Float your troubles, aches and pains away in our spacious Dream Pod float tanks!

The body-temperature water in our tanks has 350kg of epsom salt, so you’ll float effortlessly into meditation.

If total sensory deprivation is not your thing, you may opt to use chromotherapy or Dreamscapes (guided meditation)

Complimentary use of Muse Meditation Headbands before and after treatment so you can see just how relaxed you have become!

Enjoy another service before or after your float at a heavily discounted price.


  • Float + Pre or Post Float Infrared Sauna$99
  • Float + Pre or Post Float Salt Room$99
  • Float + Normatec$99
  • Float + Compex ($20 additional fee for electrodes if you don't have them already)$99
  • Float + Pre or Post Float Cryofacial$129
  • Float + Cryosoothe Spot Cryotherapy$129
  • Float + Cryosauna$149
  • Float + Cryofacelift Express$259