Pip Seldon


Pip Seldon is a construction Project Manager, Health & Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor, TEDx Speaker and founder of the Healthy Tradie Project. She also knows what it feels like to lose a family member to suicide. Pip’s journey began in 2009 after the loss of her eldest brother, a carpenter to suicide. Pip’s mission now, “To work with the construction industry, from Tradies to CEO’s providing them with inspiration, training and support in making healthier choices when it comes to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle behaviours.” Pip believes that suicide prevention begins with a healthy body, mind and soul. “I believe that wellness exists in all of us and it’s through the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle practices that we can each unveil our healthiest self – physically, mentally and emotionally.” In her quest to implement a proactive approach to suicide prevention, Pip founded the Healthy Tradie Project. She now delivers workshops, training, mindfulness and yoga classes to Australia’s construction industry. Simply, Pip gives Tradies the tools they need to make step-by-step changes in their lifestyle unlocking the keys to a healthy and balanced life.

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