Our Mission

Our Founder

Ebony is a passionate wellbeing practitioner who is committed to empowering people to take control of their lives and ultimate wellness, enabling them to achieve their highest potential. Ebony believes that our lifestyle choices and thought patterns greatly influence our lives and wellbeing. Positive change can bring about powerful healing and wellness to all who choose.

Ebony comes from America, and has always enjoyed connecting with people and finding ways to make their days a bit brighter. She began her career in health back in 1992, working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in an aged care home, and moved through the healthcare ladder, becoming an Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter, and Fitness Trainer before becoming a Registered Nurse. She holds current certifications an ANCC (US) Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Master ThetaHealer, Advanced ThetaHealing Instructor, USUI Reiki Master, Transformational Coach, Yoga Instructor, Fitness Trainer, and Minister.

As a practitioner, Ebony is relaxed, warm, and versatile. Her straight-up, and no-nonsense attitude is permeated with a great sense of humour – and nobody leaves a consult without a good laugh. She has had such a wealth of experience in her life that she can find a way to connect with nearly anyone – and this gift is reflected in her 4-year-old son, Saul – a gorgeous empath who often sits at the studio, watching his mum build her dream.

Ebony founder

Through her own healing journey, Ebony has learned the most effective practices to assist others moving towards their best selves. With her great wealth of experience and expertise, she’s on a mission to inspire people to try new things and connect with others, as they get more in touch with themselves. Discover how you can take command of your health journey today.

Our Mission

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The mission at the WEC is to connect people to their highest potential by offering opportunities for rediscovering joy, youth and purpose and expansion of body, mind, and soul via movement, holistic healing, and technology.

When we work as a collective, with appreciation for one another’s gifts, we have the power to inspire others to believe in themselves and reach for new heights. The impossible becomes easy. Our customers know they need more time for self and understand that their life can be better but they just haven’t seen a way to do that. They believe in their ability but can’t quite maintain that good feeling all the time. They are looking for support to move towards their best selves.

Our Facility

Our expertly chosen treatments can help you in any and every aspect to become the person you want to be. Our facilities include the latest treatments such as cryotherapy, float tanks, salt rooms and many more.

There is always a doctor (or nurse) in the house at The Collective, but this doesn’t mean we’ll try to prescribe something to you. What it means, is that there is a lot of knowledge behind the treatments we’ve chosen to offer, and safety is our number one priority. We have chosen the safest machines and treatments available to help you feel your best, using the most modern technology available. All of our non-medical staff are WWVP (Working with Vulnerable People) and CPR/First Aid certified. We have chosen these treatments to help you explore your potential and discover your best self, but more importantly – we want you to have fun. We understand that without joy, there will never be health.

The facility itself is brand new with a modern, warm feel. We love that our space is a reflection of the people within it. Our staff are joyful, connected, warm and loving individuals. We love where our lives are now and are excited about what’s to come. Our passion, excitement and warmth is contagious. We understand that to fully embrace all that we are as human beings, is to explore and enjoy different things. As such, you will see many of us working in different roles at different times. We welcome you to sit down, have a cuppa and a chat with us before or after your treatment. Take some quiet time to paint, draw, write, or just rest in our post-treatment lounge. We look forward to providing you with a first-class experience.