Muse Meditation Headbands

A new level of meditation

muse headband

The Muse Meditation Headbands gently guide your meditation, changing the sounds of the weather based on the real-time state of your brain allowing you to obtain a deeper sense of focus.

The Muse Headband provides real-time feedback on the activity of your brain whilst you meditate. Using sensors to track your brain activity as you perform a simple, 60 second task before you begin your meditation, Muse continues to track the brainwaves to ensure that your mind is staying clear. It uses natural sounds to aid you throughout the meditation, including different natural sounds if it detects that your brain is becoming too active. At the conclusion of your session you are able to access graphs and charts showing how your session went, allowing you to track your progress.


  • Improves your response to stress, depression and anxiety thus enhancing your overall mood.
  • Aids in relaxation and improved blood pressure.
  • Designed to encourage beneficial meditation habits


The Muse Meditation Headbands are completely safe. They use the same brainwave sensors as hospitals and research facilities.