Float and Aroma Therapy Combo

Float & Aromatherapy Massage

Find your focus and say goodbye to stress by taking advantage of this limited time offer.

Floating for an hour, this zero gravity experience, free of external stimulant, creates an ideal environment for relaxation and meditation.

An aromatherapy relaxation massage uses a blend of essential oils that can improve our physical well being, increase energy levels and boost our health. A highly effective way to relieve mental stresses and body aches.



Dramatic results that last weeks! A painless alternative to anti-wrinkle injections and other similar treatments.

Cryotherapy helps to stimulate major collagen production, lifts the face, and visibly reduces wrinkles. A non-surgical facelift! Results seen immediately after one session. One session covers a facelift, neck-lift, or double-chin reduction.

Float and Kahuna Massage Combo

Float & Ka-Huna Massage

Over 500 kilos of Magnesium salt in each float tank, keeps you floating effortlessly, allowing your mind & body to sink into a deep relaxation without weight or gravity.

KA-HUNA MASSAGE uses long flowing strokes applied above and below the body to generate a connecting flow. The massage incorporates a combination of deep tissue and gentle relaxation massage strokes based on your needs.

Mothers Day 90min Bliss Pack

Mother's Day Special

Show Mum how much you care by treating her to 90 minutes of bliss! RRP $195


  • 30 Minute Kahuna Massage (focusing on back, neck, legs, and head) or Float Tank
  • Cryofacial
  • Mum's choice of Infrared Sauna or Salt Room treatment
saltroom normatec combo

Saltroom + Normatec Combo

A beautiful and affordable 30 minutes of relaxation!

NORMATEC RECOVERY is a hands-free massage! Sequential compression increases the body’s ability to circulate blood and remove waste products. This helps to reduce excess fluids, stop restless legs, promotes better sleep, and leaves legs feeling light.

SALT THERAPY reduces inflammation in the skin and respiratory tract in a calming, restorative environment.



With the power of cold and light, Mum's face will feel smooth and revitalised. Meanwhile the Normatec boots refresh the legs or hips for nearly an hour of pampering for the entire body.