Ka Huna Massage

Connecting your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies


Originating in the Hawaiian Islands, Ka Huna Massage is a holistic natural therapy focusing on healing the body, mind and spirit. No two treatments are ever the same, as each depends on your intention for the particular treatment. Treatments can be very emotional and spiritual, with people experiencing emotional breakthroughs, physical and emotional shifts, healing energy, as well as calming peace.


Ka Huna Massage actively works on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies at the same time. The focus is to shift blockages that manifest as physical issues, such as muscle knots and other ailments in muscles, bones and meridians. Stimulating the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems can be beneficial to those suffering from a variety of disorders. Long flowing strokes applied above and below the body enable the masseur to generate a connecting flow through the body. The massage incorporates a combination of deep tissue and gentle relaxation massage strokes based on your needs.


Ka Huna massage offers a safe and relaxing way to relieve some of pregnancy’s discomforts and help provide a balance of the body, mind and spirit. It reduces peripheral swelling, soothes the nervous system, and helps prevent insomnia and muscle craps. Our trap door release table cradles your belly and allows you to lie comfortably face down during treatment. Regular massage throughout your pregnancy is said to shorten labour time and speed up the return to optimal fitness after birth.


Every Thai Massage is different, and tailored to your specific needs. A session may include slow pressure work, dynamic rocking of the body, mobilisation of the joints, deep stretching, or may be gentler and more relaxing. Thai Massage is performed on a large, cushioned mat, using up to four different positions, and it performed with you wearing loose, comfortable clothing. This allows for a completely new experience of massage that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress relief, relaxation and healing, which treats the whole person – including the body, emotions, mind and spirit. It’s a form of energy work and uses either light touch or even no touching at all, and has many beneficial effects, including relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Sessions are performed fully clothed on a comfortable floor mat with cushions and blankets, if needed. Your therapist will discuss with you beforehand what you wish to address during the session and may offer additional guidance. The best clothes to wear are loose and comfortable to lie down in.


  • Relaxes, re-energises and rejuvenates.
  • Releases deep muscular tension, stimulates more efficient pain relief and promotes faster healing of injuries.
  • Supports the immune, circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic and digestive systems, improving the digestive process.
  • Reduces feelings of anxiety and stress, depression, grief, exhaustion.
  • Improves flexibility.


Ka Huna Massage is appropriate for everyone except for pregnant women in their first trimester.

With Ka Huna Massage, every treatment is different and every individual has a different experience.

Prior to the massage, your practitioner will have a brief chat with you to determine what outcome you would like from your treatment. The conversation helps the practitioner to determine the environment they will create and how they will approach the massage.

Usually with Remedial or Swedish massage, there is a predetermined sequence that the practitioner will follow each time where they will work on one area of the body and then move to the next. However, in Ka Huna massage, no treatments will be the same. The massage consists of a series of long, flowing strokes that work sometime over and under the body at the same time. The practitioner will be present for the entire treatment as they work on understanding the needs of your body. The intent is to promote healing on all levels, so music, sounds and rhythm are also vital parts of the massage.


  • Ka Huna Massage - 60 Minutes$121
  • Ka Huna Massage - 90 Minutes$150
  • Ka Huna Massage - 120 Minutes$185
  • Ka Huna Massage - 30 Minutes$80
  • Ka Huna Massage Pregnancy - 75 Minutes$150