Infrared Sauna

Warm your way to Wellness

Infrared sauna therapy involves using infrared wavelengths to produce heat which creates a multitude of health and wellness benefits.

Infrared sauna therapy promotes cell health and tissue regeneration, enhances healing, rejuvenates the skin, and encourages white cell production (an important aspect of healing.) Different spectrums of light enable various healing qualities, which can include nourishing vital organs, and emotional release, as well as stimulating vital energy flow throughout the body to improve its healing capacity.



Conditions that show improvement: Fibromyalgia, Cardiovascular disease and Heart failure, COPD, Cancer and treatment side-effects, ageing skin, cellulite, eczema and psoriasis, Chronic Fatigue, and chronic pain.

  • Detoxifies the body of heavy metals among other unwanted toxins.
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety and stress.
  • Improves circulation, weight loss and enhances the immune system.
  • Cleanses and revitalises the skin as well as reducing swelling in the body.


We recommend that you rest for 10 – 15 minutes after treatment, as your basal temperature can remain elevated for this time and then drop suddenly, which may cause you to feel lightheaded or tired. A brief resting period after your treatment will give your body a change to gradually return to normal functioning.

We recommend that you don’t eat 1-2 hours before a treatment and drink at least half a litre of water before starting your sauna. Please bring towels, swimmers and a bottle of water to use during your treatment.

We recommend that you move around in the sauna, allowing different parts of your body to be exposed to the infrared. Keeping your hands open as much as possible is ideal as there are many acupuncture and reflex points on the palms of your hands. Sip on your water regularly to remain hydrated throughout the session. If at any point you feel lightheaded or dizzy, or experience unpleasant body odours open the door slightly or sit outside until it passes.

We recommend that you shower, if possible, to wash off any lingering toxins. Try to avoid using soap, shampoo or moisturiser after your sauna so that you don’t block up your pores, hindering the post-sauna detox effect. Drink water, ideally 500 mL over the next 10 – 30 minutes. We recommend that you rest for 10 – 30 minutes to help your body transition back to homeostasis and decrease the chance of lightheadedness or fatigue later in the day.

Anytime during the day is fine, but research shows that the most effective time to have a sauna is first thing in the morning or before bed.

It is completely safe to have a sauna by yourself, however, if you are chronically ill or feel nervous, you can have a treatment with a friend or family member.

We do not recommend that young children, the elderly or those with the following conditions use the sauna: Hypertension, Dental amalgams, Past use of LSD or other psychotropic drugs, Multiple Sclerosis, Respiratory conditions, Acute infections, Lymph node removal, Diabetes, Prostheses, silicone implants or metallic pins, Sensory nerve damage, Pregnant and/or breastfeeding , Chronically ill, Anyone taking pharmaceutical medications

Those who are generally healthy don’t usually have any reactions after a treatment. But anyone that is toxic in any way or unwell can have a ‘healing reaction’. Symptoms may include: Fatigue, Aches and Pains, Rashes, Bowel symptoms (usually increased), Odours – can be from your breath, sweat or vaginal/seminal discharge, Computer sensitivity


  • Infrared Sauna - Shared (60 min)$45
  • Infrared Sauna - Private or 2 for 1 (60 min)$60