Float Tanks

Free yourself with weightlessness

The float tanks allow you to rest on your back whilst surrounded by salty, skin temperature water (34 - 35 degrees Celsius). In the tank, there is no light or sound except for the soft music that plays at the beginning and end of the session.

With 350 kilos of Epsom salt in each float tank, you’re able to float effortlessly, allowing your mind & body to sink into a deep relaxation without weight or gravity. Floating for an hour, this zero gravity experience, free of external stimulant, creates an ideal environment for relaxation and meditation.

If a stimulant free-environment doesn’t sound like it’s for you, we have a solution for that as well. We are the only float centre in Canberra that offers DreamScapes. DreamScapes allow you to receive all the health benefits of floating weightlessly in Epsom Salt, while experiencing a guided meditation using colours and sounds. Every DreamScape Element is composed with specific goals in mind: to provide a safe and effective way to change unwanted behaviour, to enhance human performance, or to create an overall condition of wellness. By introducing new concepts and ideas in a modified state of relaxed awareness, you are able to bypass the inherent doubt of the conscious mind and examine, reflect and adopt new ways of thinking without the distraction of the outside world. We have a variety of DreamScapes to assist you with everything from better sleep to smoking cessation.



  • Eases symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD.
  • Reduces swelling and muscle tension, detoxifies, and aids in pain relief.
  • Relieves inflammation and joint pressure.
  • Boosts your energy levels and enhances mental clarity, improving focus & concentration.
  • Speeds up physical healing and recovery as well as post-operative recovery. 
  • Increases theta brain waves linked to creativity.
  • Lowers blood pressure and cortisol while increasing endorphins.
  • Helps with acute insomnia and recovery from fatigue.


Please bring your own hairbrush and swimmers if you would like to wear something in the float tank. We will provide everything else that you need.

You will have your own private room with a shower.

Please go to the toilet before entering the float room. After you undress, put your earplugs in, take a cool shower to avoid overheating your skin, and enter the float tank. Once the session is finished, have another shower to wash the salt off.

No, your skin will feel silky smooth when you have finished your session. Because of the high salt concentration, your skin will not wrinkle.

Absolutely, however, you should check with your midwife or obstetrician first.

You will be so buoyant that you will stay afloat even if you fall asleep, due to the high salt levels in the tank. 

The minimum bookable session is 60 minutes, and most floaters stay in the tank for the duration, but it’s entirely up to you if you want to leave early. It is possible to book a longer float if you choose.

The amount of Epsom salt dissolved in the water makes it a very sterile environment. In addition to this, each day the solution is passed through a filtration system that screens the water to one micron (much finer than hair) and cleans it with bromine. Each tank is tested daily to ensure that the pH balance, sterilisation and alkalinity is in check. And finally, we use a hydrometer to measure the specific gravity of the solution to ensure that the right amount of Epsom salt is in the tank.

No, you are able to leave the lid open but you may feel cooler, so please let us know if you think you will have the lid open and we will monitor the room temperature accordingly. We provide Dreamscapes upon request, which are programs utilising colored lights and sounds. These minimise most feelings of claustrophobia.


  • Float Tank$85