‘Water… its ability to shift its molecules while its essence stays the same, becoming its greatest form for whatever environment it’s given.’


It’s a really exciting time to be living in Canberra – especially if you’ve found your way on to the path of personal growth. With a focus on connecting people to their highest potential, The Wellness Empowerment Collective is Canberra’s newest and most advanced holistic health and wellbeing destination. Creating a community around the power of movement, holistic healing and technology, The Collective is much more than just another wellness business – it combines ancient healing practices with cutting-edge science and technology, to offer a place of healing, tranquility and discovery. This is the brainchild of founder and visionary, Ebony Anderson.

Ebony comes from America, and has always enjoyed connecting with people and finding ways to make their days a bit brighter. She began her career in health back in 1992, working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in an aged care home. Later, Ebony spent 7 years working in homeless healthcare, through which she saw the extreme difference in access to healthcare and lifestyle facilities between the poor areas and their more affluent neighbours. Ebony had the heartbreaking realisation that the children growing up in poor areas, where drugs, alcohol, and gambling were commonplace, would never have the access to learn what a healthy lifestyle looks like. Having seen the misery caused by preventable lifestyle diseases in her adopted family, Ebony always knew she wanted to live differently. At age 10, she lost 27kg through dieting, and began weight training as an 11-year-old, after gaining inspiration from bodybuilding magazines.

Feeling a great pull to help and heal others, whether they be of great wealth or living in extreme poverty, Ebony dreamt of community engagement. ‘I wanted to bring some of these holistic anxiety remedies I’d come across in my wealthier lifestyle to the inhabitants of my hood.’ Her dream began to take shape, with visions of a clinic that would incorporate branches of Western Medicine, such as Midwifery and Psychology, but also have holistic health and fitness, cooking, and gardening classes all in the same place. She began to connect with other holistic practitioners in the neighbourhood, trading services and hive-minding. It seemed that many people were having similar ideas at the same time. Community gardens began to pop up, as well as a yoga space and bike shop – and Ebony saw her dream becoming a reality.

That dream practically died in 2015, when Ebony’s partner at the time was offered a job in Canberra. After moving from the US to Australia, Ebony found herself in a prospering community where there was very little to improve. She started working as a school nurse, and while she enjoyed interacting with the young people, this was completely unfamiliar territory. Ebony was used to working with people with complex medical, psychiatric, and addiction issues, and now found herself working in the completely different world of teenage concerns. Hormonal changes, trauma backgrounds, and social media bullying, were just some of the issues that opened Ebony’s eyes to another world of human suffering. ‘The number of young people suffering from depression and anxiety was staggering,’ she explains.

‘They interact through their screens, they misunderstand each other, and fight with one another because they don’t communicate fully. They read words and emojis with no context, and then react to that. The sense of community and awareness seemed limited, but the pain of the depression and anxiety was the same. So, while these young people were not financially poor by my standards, I saw a different type of poverty – a poverty of connection.’

It eventually became clear to Ebony, that the only thing to engage with and improve in her new community, was the collective consciousness.

Whilst visiting Germany in 2016, Ebony was treated to a wellness spa for the first time since leaving the US. She floated in an open pool, got a massage, and sat in a salt cave – and that’s when her vision came. ‘I felt inspired sitting in the salt,’ she reminisces. ‘Ideas were floating in.. what it would look like, and what treatments would be available… I could focus on movement and coaching, while getting away from medicine and the documentation involved…’ She left Germany with a new dream for Canberra – to open a centre that promotes consciousness expansion, and awareness of spiritual tools through alternative health practices. To quote the American philosopher, author and speaker, Wayne Dyer, ‘when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’ This is the purpose of The Wellness Empowerment Collective – to provide the people of Canberra with the tools to reframe their vision, and empower them on their journeys.

Driven by a deep sense of purpose, Ebony feels she’s, ‘channeling the idea more than creating it.’ She’s on a mission to inspire people to try new things and connect with others, as they get more in touch with themselves. For the highly skilled and experienced practitioners who have joined The Collective, it’s a co-created, non-competitive community that fosters inspiration and collaboration towards common goals. For herself, Ebony has created a workplace where she can do everything she enjoys, while being ‘surrounded by people who are filled with joy, having fun, and vibrating at a high level.’ It’s going to be a uniquely enriching experience for everyone involved.

As a practitioner, Ebony is relaxed, warm, and versatile. Her straight-up, and no-nonsense attitude is permeated with a great sense of humour – and nobody leaves a consult without a good laugh. She has had such a wealth of experience in her life that she can find a way to connect with nearly anyone – and this gift is reflected in her 4-year-old son, Saul – a gorgeous empath who often sits at the studio, watching his mum build her dream. Through her own healing journey, Ebony has learned the most effective healing practices to assist others moving towards their best selves.

Ebony is excited for The Collective’s upcoming launch, and invites people from all backgrounds to come to the brand new space in Lyneham, where they can create their own experience based their own, individual needs. This includes athletes looking for ways to increase performance and decrease downtime, mothers who need a rejuvenating break, and anyone else looking for guidance to the next level of healing and wellness. The most wonderful thing about wellness, is that there is always room to go further, no matter where you are on your journey.

To discover how Ebony and the Wellness Empowerment Collective can empower you to take command of your health and wellbeing today, come and learn about the treatments on offer.


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