Corporate Wellness

Empower your employees

Frequent absenteeism, work-related injuries and low productivity are all signs that it’s time for a comprehensive corporate wellness intervention.

It’s no secret that success of your organisation heavily dependent on the wellness of your employees. Investing in sustainable employment and integrating wellness with all levels of your organisation will save you time, money and increase your revenue in the long term.

Our Corporate Wellness team has over 75 years of combined healthcare experience, as well as 30 years of combined experience in the fitness industry. Our broad range of medical, mental health and wellness expertise allows us to provide a multitude of services – from flu clinics to conflict resolution, and team building workshops to mobile massage and facials.

How healthy is your workplace?

After a full assessment of your unique needs, the Wellness Empowerment Collective curates bespoke solutions for groups and corporate teams.


  • Assessments of mental, physical and team health
  • Pre-employment health assessments
  • Meditation and mindfulness
    Yoga and fitness
  • Travel advice and vaccinations
    Weight loss and diet advice
  • Life coaching
  • Short courses on injury prevention and stress management
  • Team building workshops
  • Motivational presentations for managers and team leaders.
  • Drug and alcohol counselling
  • Massage
  • Infrared sauna
  • Floatation tanks
  • Cryotherapy
Group wellness