Ballancer Pro

compression therapy system

Commonly used to relieve “heavy legs,” reduce cellulite, provide pain relief, and aid in relaxation, the Ballancer® Pro is a groundbreaking approach to a healthier, trimmer body based on decades of medical research. 

It provides a wave-like massage to help the body release toxins and fluids from the lymphatic system. 

The treatment begins with the patented pre-therapy cycle massage of the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes in the proximal areas near the core of the body. This pleasant, gentle, relaxing massage drains the lymph nodes that are generally filled with fluid first and paves the way for enhanced circulation of lymph for the duration of the treatment and thereafter.


shed excess weight

The Ballancer®Pro takes a unique approach to weight loss and body sculpting by triggering the body’s natural processes to shed weight and excess fluid.

The treatment helps make the body function as it should, increasing circulation and leaving skin looking firm, toned, and fresh. When the lymphatic system is functioning as it should, your skin and tissue responds with firming as a natural outcome.


For your skin to stay fresh, firm and soft, it needs nourishment. The nourishment is provided by the blood. Ballancer® Pro helps restore circulation to the skin creating a regenerative effect. You will notice visible improvements after the first session!  In four sessions performed over a week to ten days, most clients report dropping a full size, losing excess inches at the waist and thighs for a more contoured figure.


The lymphatic system has a great impact on all body areas. It is responsible for the removal of the waste products that collect beneath the skin. These waste products leave the skin looking and feeling less firm, fresh and vital, and the buildup of fluids adds unsightly volume.

The Ballancer® Pro functions as an external stimulator of the lymphatic system so it can begin to rid the skin of waste buildup and become healthier, firmer, and younger looking.

Ballancer® Pro opens any congestion in the lymph nodes to restore open pathways in the drainage channels of the body. It moves excess fluids from where they linger in your tissue to the kidneys where it gets processed and shed naturally.