The Collective is a co-created, non-competitive community that fosters inspirations and collaboration towards common goals. Creating a community around the power of movement, holistic healing and technology, our affiliate practitioners combine ancient healing practices with cutting-edge science, to offer a place of healing, tranquility and discovery.

Meet the highly skilled and experienced practitioners who have joined your Wellness Empowerment Collective.

Pip Seldon

Pip Seldon

Pip Seldon is a construction Project Manager, Health & Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor, TEDx Speaker and founder of the…

Mpho Banda

Dr Mpho Banda

Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Dr Mpho Banda has, as a consultant in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, solid experience overseas spanning over 17 years…


The Pillar Practice

Integrative Health and Wellness Practice
We are all ultimately choosing to lift into our potential, but many are lost and don’t know why or how to find their way to…

Stpephan Praet

Dr. Stpephan Praet

Sport and Exercise Physician from Netherlands. He received his medical training at the Virje University of Amsterdam, following a Master’s Degree in Huma Movement Sciences at the same university.

Trusted partners

Galvanized Fitness is a boutique fitness studio located in Canberra Technology Park. Galvanized Fintess offers fitness training services for individuals, groups and mum’s with bub’s. They have over 10 years experience as elite athletes and konw the industry lack the back of their hand.

They offer custom strategies and plans because every person is unique. The fitness trainging you’ll receive at Galvanized Fitness is custom tailored to fit your needs exactly. Wheter it’s a small strategy or a comprehensive effort, they’ll sit down with you and listen to your requests, and prepare a customized plan.

Galavnized Fintess ofers a few services including Functional Fitness and Bootcamp. Functional Fitness is high intensity interval training turned to 11 thanks to the Queenax x2 500, a work out setup made to get your hearth rate pumping by swinging, jumping climing and lifting yourself in a circuit style workout. Bootcamp is a full body workout designed to build strenght and cardiovascular fitness though a variety of intense challenging sets using equipment ranging from kettle bells, battle ropes, med balls and body weighted exercises.

Established in 2009, the trainers at Adapt Crossfit have been helping people get fitter, faster and stronger. Based in Belconnnen, Canberra, Adapty is a super-rad comunity of guys and girls chasing increased phusical and mental capacity via the crossffit prescritpion of ever varying, functional movments performed at high intensity.

The man in charge is Ben. Crossfit changed the life for the better of both him and his team of 5 amazing people. Ben and his team will be there for you at every step of your crossfit journey, helping you overcome any challenge. Sure it will be hard, but it’ll also be unbelievably rewarding and you won’t see a better bunch of guys and girls anywhere!

Entire Physio is the conception of Narelle Webb and Al Bevan.

In 2011, Narelle together with her husband Al, formed Entire Physio Pty Ltd. Narelle’s experience covers both physiotherapy and massage therapy. She covered national level Gymnastics Championships through the Sydney Sports Medicine Centre and she worked with both national and international teams including The Diamonds (Australian Women’s Netball Team) and Brumbies Rugby ACT.

Narelle is both an Intuitive Scientist and a Sporty Nerd. This beautiful combination allows her to analyse and diagnose based on evidence based practices and treat you as a whole person not just a hip, knee or shoulder.

Al has been interested in the holistic form of healing since the late 90. His initial studies started at a local College where he earned a diploma in emedial Massage, which included Swedish, Therapeutic, Remedial and Sports Massage. He also had the priviledge of training in Ka Huna (Lomi lomi) Bodywork, I have achieved 7 levels through ‘High Spirits’, Kin Kin, Queensland. He is also qualified in Modern Cupping Therapy, which is an ffective and efficient form of treatment which works well in conjunction with Remedial, Sports, and Therapeutic Massage.