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Empowering optimal health and wellbeing through holistic health, movement and technology.

Transcend Vitality

The Collective’s mission is to facilitate opportunities that enable people to connect to their highest potential. Through movement, holistic healing and technology people can rediscover their joy, youthfulness and purpose while increasing connection & expansion of body, mind & soul
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Our Collective Consciousness

Empowering Canberra Locals: Ebony’s vision

It’s a really exciting time to be living in Canberra – especially if you’ve found your way on to the path of personal growth. With a focus on connecting people to their highest potential, The Wellness Empowerment Collective is Canberra’s newest and most advanced holistic health and wellbeing destination. Creating a community around the power of movement, holistic healing and technology, The Collective is much more than just another wellness business. Read more…

10 Ways Meditation Improves Athletic Performance

When our bodies are strong, we can perform well…. right?
Not necessarily – and most athletes will be painfully aware that this isn’t always the case. While being in great physical shape is essential, it’s really only half of what it takes to perform at your best. The mental side of athletic performance is just as important, but unfortunately, it’s often overlooked and many athletes fall short of their potential as a result. Read more…